Segment Your Audience with Social Data

Unveil the social side of your audience by connecting your email file with rich social data.
Turn a static email into a full picture of your CRM supporters.

  • Access Rich Social Profiles

    We provide social matches from over 100 social networks which include post frequency, Klout score, number of connections, employment history, age, and more.

  • Automate Audience Reports

    Turn your list into an infographic showing the reach of users’ networks, influential people, popular cities, and most commonly used social networks.

  • Export Database

    Export public social data back into your database such as social handles, followers, social network usage and tons more. Layer social data over existing segments in your CRM - e.g. only show me active supporters in NYC over age 35 who are influencers.

Engage with Social Listening

By listening to what your audience is saying on social media, your organization can understand which issues resonate with them and why — literally see how your people are talking about your work on social media.

  • Catch Trending Conversations

    See what topics, hashtags, images, and videos are trending among your contacts. Filter to understand what is trending across distinct groups.

  • Segment by Social Mentions

    It’s just one-click to create a list segment based on social mentions, influence, and social networks, which is then sent to your CRM.

  • Rapid Response

    Reply to key social mentions on Twitter, Facebook or email through automations or individually.

Find Your Influencers

Social media influencers can bring tremendous attention to your campaigns, reach new audiences, and shape important conversations with their dedicated followers.

  • Discover Influencers in Your CRM

    Find your existing influencers based on network reach, topic relevancy, prior interactions, and other criteria.

  • Engage Evangelists and VIPs

    Get daily recommendations of people in your CRM talking about key search terms. Responds on Twitter, Facebook or vi email with relevant, personalized content.

  • Get Email Alerts

    Receive daily email summaries of influencers who mention key search terms.

Deliver Multi-Channel Personalized Content

The holy gail of real-time marketing is delivering your content to the right person, and just the right moment.’s powerful social marketing automation sets us apart.

  • Multi-Channel communications

    Target supporters with emails, Tweets, or Facebook ads via Custom Audiences with real time automation.

  • Automate Email Marketing

    When a supporter mentions “your campaign” on Facebook or Twitter, send them an automatic email from or your CRM. asking them to sign your petition about your campaign.

  • Automate Facebook Ads

    Automate custom ads based on social mentions, Klout score and more with our integration to Facebook’s Custom Audience.

CRM Integration connects with many major CRMs: ActionKit, Action Network, ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, LuminateOnline, MailChimp, and Salsa.




Track Keywords

Track interest in key topics, including your organization, over time, and add search terms to track and filter.

Social Listening

Find out who is already talking about a campaign topic and engage the most influential people.

Beautiful Stats

We turn your list into an infographic showing the reach and users’ networks, influential people, popular cities, popular times to post, and more.

Influencer Engagement

Does your email “house list” have top bloggers, VIPs, even Members of Congress? Find the influentials hidden in your list.

Export to CRM

Increase your Facebook Page following, and promote a campaign on Twitter.

Spot Trends

Stop guessing, and use your audience’s hashtags to join the conversation.

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