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Your People Are Talking.  Are You Listening?

Easily Personalize Content

Easily personalize messages, asks, and ads based on what your members are doing and saying across the social web.

  • talk-bk Get to know the social side of your audience based on what they are saying on social media.
  • scope-bkPersonalize communications and drive engagement to increase conversions.
  • gear-bkPlug and play integrations with leading nonprofit CRM’s.

Discover Social Insights

Discover Social Insights

Get to know the social side of your audience so you can segment your communications with social data and social listening.

The goal: Personalize your content and drive engagement.

Learn the most important social insights you need to know to turn your quiet supporters into vocal advocates.

Find Your Influencers

Find Your Influencers floats up influencers whose social posts can drive clicks… and donations… and action.

We’ll help you find your existing influencers in your CRM who are waiting to share your amazing content with their social networks. We've worked with the best digital marketing firms, like Goal Agency, to get enough marketing data to help our clients find influencers.

Engage with Social Listening

Engage with Social Listening

Easily personalize content based on what your people are saying on social media.

When a supporter says “I just love this!” you send a triggered email that says “Here’s how we help that.”

Customer Testimonials: See What Our Customers Have to Say about

“Very useful tool we use for our social media campaigns, our forex traders can now engage online through our Facebook groups - I would highly recommend Attentively!” Martin Jekic, Senior Financial Writer,

Pros Who Love It

Digital Directors & Social Media

You’ve grown your community, your campaigns are solid, but your current tools aren’t cutting it. You need to engage people like a boss and utilize tech that supports people powered campaigns.


Donor engagement is your mantra. You need to see how donors talk about your work so you can engage them today. Modern fundraising requires personalized, multi-channel, and year-round engagement that scales.

Issue Campaigners

You need engagement to win. Get more petition signatures, increase event attendance, and recruit more leaders by targeting people who talk about your campaigns.

Data Analysts

You need data that connects the dots from your CRM to social media. More importantly, you need to spend minutes, not days, making sense of it.

Cause Marketers

Reach the people who care about your CSR programs. The ability to segment your lists by search terms, Klout, and purchase history gives you an entirely new way of engaging with this key audience.


Do you manage campaigns that engage your client’s supporters or need to get more out of social media? We currently parter with more that 50 agencies because we add value to their clients’ campaigns while increasing the margins on those accounts.

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