drives engagement by turning your supporters into social ambassadors.

We show organizations what people in your email list are saying on social media and help identify who is influential so you can improve targeting via email and social media to radically increase the engagement and reach of your campaigns.


CRM Integration
(and more)

We enrich your existing email file with data from over 100 social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube, Tumblr, foursquare, Klout, and more.

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Social Profile

Build rich social profiles on each individual which includes post frequency, Twitter and Facebook feed, top hashtags, Klout score, bio and more.


Social Listening

By listening to what your audience is saying on social media, your organization can understand which issues resonate and why.

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Multi-Channel Targeting

Automate email campaigns, social media engagement, and list-segmentation based on what your audience is saying.

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See what people on your email file are saying and sharing on social media,
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