Will you provide additional emails from social networks?
Sorry, we don’t provide or sell any emails. This also means we don’t send you emails associated with a Twitter handle or a LinkedIn account. We also caution you against acquiring purchased emails like this for a many reasons.

What type of social data do you provide?
This refers to the data we provide after a social match is performed to your email file(s). We enrich your existing email file with social data such as what networks they are on, the number of social connections a user has, their Klout score, age, gender, and more. One of our most popular features is providing live Facebook and Twitter post streams, trending terms, trending hashtags, and media. Below is an example of the data we provide on an individual contact.


What is a “social match”?
This refers our core service of matching your current email file to 108 social networks to enrich your existing email data. Such a match uses publicly available data to tell you more about your supporters like if they are on social media, which networks they are on, age, gender, Klout score, number of connections, employment history, and more. The screenshot above is an example of an email with a social match.

What is a social “match rate”?
This refers to how many people we are able to provide a social match for from your email file. Our average match rate is around 50% and is largely determined by 1) if people are on social media, 2) if they marked their profiles as publicly available and 3) the quality of your email list. The list that perform best are opt-in emails from an individual’s email account versus their work email since most social accounts are connected to personal emails.

What is a “search term”?
This is any term, phrase, or hashtag you enter in our platform to see if your supporters are talking about it. The beauty of Attentive.ly is that you can see how any term you choose trends with your base.

search term

How does social listening work in Attentive.ly?
Once a social match on your email file(s) is performed, your Attentive.ly account will show you which supporters are talking about key terms like the example above. See how your supporters are talking about any given search term. A list of supporters talking about this term will appear, giving you the option to save the search as a group, set up an automated email to send to everyone who mentions these terms, create a custom Facebook audience, or send to your CRM or export as a .csv file.

Can you see organically trending terms and hashtags for key groups?
Yes. For any group (or list segment) that you create in Attentive.ly, you can view the top terms, hashtags and media that are organically trending for your most important segments like this:

How is Attentive.ly different from Hootsuite or other social listening tools?
Unlike other “social listening” tools that universally listen for key words, Attentively listens to key people: your supporters or customers. This allows you to turn unstructured updates, tweets, and conversations into structured data fields that can be synced directly with many CRM’s. We also offer marketing automation which allows you to send emails within hours of a social mention. Read our case study of how American Rivers had an amazing 24% conversion rate on a petition by automating emails based on the social mention “grand canyon”.

Is Attentive.ly a good fit for a small nonprofit or business?
Since our average match rate is around 50%, we recommend having an email list file of at least 10,000 people. Here’s why: a 50% match rate on a list of 10,000 means we’d match around 5,000 contacts. The real power of Attentive.ly is to find the people who are talking about your key program or campaign terms so you can send them a timely call to action around those terms. Since only a portion of your list will be talking about any given key term, you need the numbers so you have enough people to market to.

How can I expand my reach on social media using Attentive.ly?
In one word: influencers. While every supporter on an organization’s email list has the ability to spread the word, influencers hold the greatest power to share content. In our recent research, we found that the top five percent of influencers (those with the greatest reach) on an organization’s email list can reach an average of 34 million people, or 85 percent of the network’s total reach. This is 200 times greater than the number of people sitting in the organization’s CRM. Read our blog article “The Amazing Network Reach of Nonprofit Influencers.”

Can you match using only Twitter handles?
Yes! We can perform a social match from twitter handles sent via a .csv file. This means you’re not dependent on just using emails to gain the social media profile of your supporters. That said, the match rate using Twitter info is much lower than using email addresses. We do not receive email addresses associated with Twitter accounts, so we must rely on other indicators in user profiles to match them across networks. We generally see a 10% match rate on Twitter handles vs. a 50% match rate from email.

How do I import contacts by connecting to my CRM?
Currently, Attentive.ly connects with ActionKit, Action Network, ActiveCampaign, BSD, Mailchimp, Salsa, Luminate, Campaign Monitor, Zapier, and any CRM that accepts imports in .csv format. We also have an available API and connect with Zapier which allows you to integrate with (import/export) other CRMs that we don’t currently support directly. Attentive.ly is constantly adding new CRM integration. On our shortlist is Salesforce.

Do you need to be a nonprofit to use Attentive.ly?
Not at all! While many of our clients are nonprofits or work on campaigns, it’s not required. The most important criteria is that you have a list around 25,000+ and work on an issue people are talking about on social.

How can I use Attentive.ly for Fundraising?
Using Attentive.ly, you can find donors who are actively talking about your campaigns on social by entering a search term that relates to the work of your organization (https://attentive.ly/fundraise/). If you’re working on a trade campaign, and a supporter says “fair trade” or “TPP”, you are able to segment and send them a fundraising email about your trade campaign. In this way, you can nail the right message/time/person by sending content within hours of your supporter talking about one of your key program areas.

Attentive.ly enables organizations to better engage with their donors in three simple ways:

  1. With social data, Attentive.ly allows you to go from a simple email address to a rich profile revealing who the person is, literally allowing you to put a face to the name.
  2. By listening to what a person is saying on social media, your organization can understand which issues resonate with them and why – you can literally see how they are talking about your work.
  3. Organizations can provide personalized multi-channel responses at scale. When a supporter talks about an issue on Twitter, it gets tagged in your CRM, they get pushed a Facebook ad about the great work you’re doing on that front, and they get a tweet back asking them to share a link to your donation page.