#Winning at #RLTM – Attentive.ly Wins Engagement Category

Team Attentive.ly had a great time on Monday, taking part in the Realtime Marketing Lab’s Realtime Marketing Challenge in New York City.

Organized by The Realtime Report, the Challenge saw the best tools in the industry going head-to-head to convince a panel of marketing executives that their technologies deliver bottom line results.

#RLTM Organizer Tonia Ries said, “Realtime Marketing Lab showcases the latest next-generation marketing technologies and strategies. Our panel of judges were looking for bottom-line business value—and they selected Attentive.ly as the most valuable engagement tool among the ones they saw at the event.”

Attentive.ly’s winning pitch in the Engagement category took place in front of an audience of over 500 marketing and communications professionals. The challenge was to show how Attentive.ly’s technology could get fans, customers, and prospects more involved in content such as rewards programs, co-creation platforms, and social commerce.

The judges for the Realtime Marketing Challenge included:

  • Frank Eliason, SVP of Social Media, Citibank

  • Marty St. George, SVP Marketing and Commercial Strategy, JetBlue Airways

  • Adam Kmiec, Director, Global Digital Marketing and Social Media, Campbell Soup Company

  • Raju Narisetti, Senior Vice President & Deputy Head of Strategy, News Corp

  • David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY

  • Gemma Craven, EVP & New York Group Director, Social@Ogilvy, Ogilvy

  • Chris Lindland, CEO, BetaBrand

Attentive.ly stood out as a SaaS using social data not just to provide analytics, but focused on driving sales and marketing ROI. The pitch opened, “We created Attentive.ly because — even though it’s not cool to admit these days — we love email.” Email continues to provide the best ROI of any digital marketing channel. The challenge is a crackdown on “bulk mail” by ISPs like Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail has pushed that ROI down by 30% over the last 5 years. Now marketers are looking for ways to deliver more personal communications that make it through both ISP’s and users’ filters.

Attentive.ly provides Big (social) Data for marketers to personalize and hyper-target their email and social content, even advertising, for 3x-9x their typical response rates. How it works:

Attentive.ly starts with your email list, since those are your best customers and leads — e.g. 55% of retail sales are from repeat customers, according to Windsor Circle. Attentive.ly matches those contacts’ public social profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Klout.

Then we turn your email list into an infographic so you gain instant insight into the social reach of your list; their age, gender, which social networks they’re on, when they’re posting, and more.

We show you what your customers are talking about: what topics and hashtags are trending; what links, videos and images they’re sharing.

We float up the VIPs (“influencers”) hidden on your lists who can reach huge new audiences — if you reach out to them and show them a delightful customer experience.

We send you daily recommendations for how to engage your best customers on social media, e.g. one-click to follow influencers, reply to those mentioning your brand or key topics.

We make it easy to segment your email list based on interest — i.e. you can tailor your messaging to different audiences based on what they are saying online.

And now you can automate multi-channel campaigns — send a highly targeted and personalized email, Tweet, alert the sales team — based on customers’ public posts on Twitter and Facebook.

Attentive.ly integrates with many CRMs directly and users of other platforms can utilize their simple import/export features to get data in and out of the system.

For more information on how Attentive.ly is making realtime, personalized mutlichannel digital marketing a reality, please contact: roz@attentive.ly