Who’s Hiding Out On Your List?

You have an email marketing list – but do you know who is on it? Not every subscriber on your email list is made equal: some users have a greater reach than others, and it’s important that you identify those influencers and engage them on social media. imageimage

Source: Datasift

As these startling numbers from a Datasift research paper show, being mentioned by influential users can propel your reach to an audience far larger than your original list. A single influential user’s support causes a ripple effect when content is redistributed by their own followers. This is especially important because users are more likely to respond to recommendations from their social media streams than to other forms of advertising. Engaging your influencers and getting them to spread the word is key to social marketing.

So, are you engaging your influential users?

Attentive.ly starts with your email list and finds those same people on social media. Customers typically find at least a handful of high-Klout members on their lists, and that number can go into the thousands for email marketing lists that are in the millions. In many cases, these members are influential bloggers or journalists, celebrities or Members of Congress – in other words, people who have large audiences that you should be reaching.


Attentive.ly simplifies the process of finding and getting connected to these influential users. Subscribers need only glance at the Members section of their Attentive.ly dashboard to view deep social profiles of their influential members. “Recommendations” not only suggest who to follow, but let you follow multiple influencers with one click. Whenever you search user-posts to see who is talking about a topic, click on “Influencers” to filter the results by “Klout score > 40”. Now engaging those influentials couldn’t be easier!

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