What are differentiated digital experiences?

Your customers are all unique. That statement has been true for as long as people have been trading money for goods and services – but these days, thanks to social media listening, analytics, and customer relationship management tools – we have the potential to gain an unprecedented level of understanding when it comes to our customers. Marketing is evolving far beyond the spray and pray approach method.

Your customers want to have a personal conversation with the brands they know and trust, which is how they’ll remain loyal customers. The way you achieve this is through behavioral marketing.

The best way to start is take stock of what you already know about your customers, then use tools like Attentive.ly to fill in the gaps. Follow this up with marketing automation, whereby you create materials and brand assets around various segments of your customer base.

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Armed with this knowledge you are in a much stronger position for taking an automated, segmented and unique approach via digital channels. The impact will be an increased in the ROI from your marketing activities.

Lori Wizdo, a principal analyst at Forrester Research, found that those who implemented marketing automation attributed, ‘26 percent of their revenues to behavioral marketing programs’ within 12 months.

Additionally, the researchers found that customers were more loyal when brands created marketing assets linked to their behaviors.

That’s ultimately what differentiated digital experience creation is all about. You know your customers better than a competitor, or should – especially if you’ve been using segmentation, taken time to understand their purchasing cycles, and have broken down information from internal and social sources in order to create a comprehensive 360 understanding of your customers. If you have that information available then the next step is to use it to create assets and marketing materials which align your brand as closely as possible with the wants, needs, interests and aspirations of your customers.

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