Webinar: Social Loves Email

Together with our partners Salsa Labs and Care2, we’re doing a webinar on 23 January on why Social Loves Email.

Direct mail acquisition costs continue to rise and while most organizations have a social media presence , most aren’t using it to fundraise. The good old-fashioned email address is the secret to activiating and cultivating these channels more effectively. Join us for the webinar to learn why Social Loves Email: how a simple, effective strategy for getting the most out of integrated email, social media, and multichannel marketing will pay off with your donor outreach.¬†

We’ll show you simple strategies and tools that will help you to:

  • recruit more donors and superactivists¬†
  • raise more money more efficiently¬†
  • save loads of time and budget
  • simplify your multi-channel integration
  • stretch your marketing efforts further

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