Fundraising with Social Data

Donor driven fundraising starts with understanding what motivates your donors to give again. But how do you know which programs your supporters are most interested in today?

Social data and social listening gives organizations unprecedented insight into their donors’ lives and an opportunity for deeper, real time engagement.

Watch the recording and learn how to segment and personalize well timed communications, find influencers and drive year round engagement.

We’ll show you how to:

    • Send personalized, well timed communications.
    • Know which programs your donors are most interested in today.
    • Find socially influential supporters who can help fundraise.

Learn how to track a donor’s current behavior, preferences and values including – the social networks they spend time on, what they talk about, how influential they are, and who could help you reach thousands with your upcoming fundraising event.



Jeanette Russell
About Jeanette Russell

Passionate to engage stakeholders to solve technical and political issues through transformational initiatives. My deep understanding of technology, partnerships, marketing, advocacy, fundraising, nonprofits, startups and self-directed nature is my brand. I’ve created extensive partner networks, coalitions, spearheaded innovative campaigns and significantly increased revenue/funding for purpose driven ventures.

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