Everything You Need to Know About Starting Influencer Engagement

Communications that come from your own passionate influencers can drive powerful action. These are the people who can help share your content and massively extend your network reach. In fact, our research has found that the top 5% of your database, on average, has a reach 200 times larger than your entire email list.  We’re excited to share why leveraging the social power of influencers is a game changer and exactly how you can do this.

Watch the Webinar  Everything You Need to Know About Starting Influencer Engagement


Webinar Takeaways:

  • Latest findings on average reach of nonprofit influencers
  • The 3 types of influencers
  • How to approach influencers
  • The best influencer calls to actions

Cheryl Contee of Fission and Roz Lemieux of Attentive.ly will share actionable ideas of how you can identify, approach and engage your existing influencers so you can launch promotions that drive engagement across your marketing channels.

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We promise that you’ll leave inspired with a solid understanding of how to include influencers in your marketing mix!

Watch the Webinar

Attentive.ly drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your supporters into advocates.

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