WEBINAR RECAP: Reach 68x More Supporters on Social Media When You Turn Influencers into Advocates

Brands are all currently sitting on a massive amount of potential, right within their own email databases, which currently isn’t being used. On average, the top 5% most ‘influential’ contacts in our customers’ databases reach 68x more people via their social networks than our customers have in their own database.

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Working with our friends at Strength in Members, we hosted a webinar last week, designed to help nonprofits unlock this enormous, untapped potential they are sitting on.   Don’t worry if you missed it! You can download the SlideShare here, or watch a video of the webinar here. You can also get the Action Guide here: www.strengthinmembers.com/guide  

This was presented by Roz Lemieux, CEO of Attentive.ly and Peter Genuardi, CEO of Strength In Members, who have decades of experience between them in marketing, technology, social media and advocacy. The webinar is designed to teach a new Network-Centric approach, leveraging the power of public, third party data and your customer database. We focus on a supporter’s value and how to unleash this knowledge.

Current approaches don’t work. The Network-Centric method is based on the fact that influencers (those on social media with Klout scores above 50, with over 5,000 Twitter followers) drive traffic. Higher web traffic increases conversions, which increases revenue. Traditionally, finding out what people were saying on social networks and identifying key influencers, was hard. With Attentive.ly, it isn’t.

Once you have this information the key is to use it. Create promotions, targeted ads, personalized email campaigns; all of which will, over time, generate higher returns as customers and fans engage and share content which matters to them. Further increasing conversions and revenue.

Learn how to unlock this power now: Download the SlideShare here, or watch a video of the webinar. Get the Action Guide here: www.strengthinmembers.com/guide

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