Webinar: Reach 68x More Supporters on Social Media When You Turn Influencers into Advocates

Our research shows that the top 5% of most brands customer databases are influencers who have 68x more reach than your entire email list. That’s enormous potential which simply isn’t being used.We want to show you how to unlock the enormous power of your existing customer information and turn those key influencers into advocates.

In partnership with Strength In Members we are hosting a webinar on 26 June at 2pm ET, which you can sign up for here > In this webinar our presenters, Roz Lemieux, CEO of Attentive.ly and Peter Genuardi, CEO of Strength In Members, will show you how to vastly extend your marketing reach using this new network-based approach.

The amazing thing is you already have this information at your fingertips. We are simply giving you the tools to make it actionable. You will learn how to identify key influencers using email addresses and Twitter handles, followed by insights and techniques to help you integrate this network-based approach into your advocacy, fundraising and communication campaigns. After the webinar you will be able to walk away with a firm understanding of the following:

  • How to get more from your audience by integrating your social, web and email marketing.
  • You’ll gain an understanding of the new, network-based approach to thinking, which focuses on a supporter’s value and how to leverage this knowledge.
  • How to identify and target your own influencers so you can build and measure promotions that drive engagement across marketing channels.
  • What  “socially sourced public data” really means and how to take leverage 3rd party appends.
  • How to define a lifecycle based on supporter and network attributes.

We’ll also run through a few examples of campaign promotions and develop three calls to action which include reviving deadwood, increased conversion and lead generation / prospecting.

Additionally we will give all participants an “Action Guide” covering the main topics and step by step processes for how to implement in your marketing team. You won’t want to miss these cutting edge insights into the new network-based approach to advocacy, fundraising and communications.  

We hope this is enough to pique your interest and sign-up today! 

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