Webcast Recap: Bridge The Social & Email Gap in 2015

Three of the leading figures in digital marketing got together to hold a webcast about how to bridge the gap between social media and email marketing in 2015.

Cheryl Contee, Founding Partner at Fission Strategy, Rosalyn Lemieux, CEO at Attentive.ly and Michael Cervino, Chief of Client Development at Frakture, spoke and answered questions on this hot topic to help get participants ready for the challenges and campaigns of the new year.

Watch the Webinar  “Bridge the Social & Email Gap in 2015”


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A common misconception is email and social are two separate channels in the marketing mix. Whereas, in fact, there’s a massive overlap; one which if understood and used properly could benefit brands, nonprofits and content creators enormously. With personalization, with influencer-driven campaigns and an automated use of social sentiment, campaigns can get an instant 68x boost in reach alone.

Automation would allow campaigns to be triggered within minutes of keywords being used on social media. An influencer outreach program quickly amplifies that content, getting it in front of a wider audience. Revenue can increase 3 – 6X as a result of personalization; all of which can happen when campaigns use social media as a data source rather than a pure communication channel.

The webcast talked about social listening, looking out for influencers and how those things combined can add enormous value when used to support high impact creative.

Michael said “Attribution is key in understanding what’s driving the desired action. To get it right, you should map data across channels. Attribute actions to specific individuals.” Then you can develop the content around targeting the right people with the right message at the right time.

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“Recently, Forrester published a report for brands titled “Social Relationship Strategies That Work.”, said Roz, which points out that without a paid ad strategy, brands are simply won’t see a high ROI from their time on Facebook. Why? Because the organic Facebook reach is around 2% of their followers with only 0.07% of followers actually interact with those posts.” In comparison, email has a 90% delivery rate.

Now the low ROI challenge of social media can be overcome. Crossing the bridge between social and email brings with it even higher returns than email already brings, which is high at $43 for every dollar spent.

As Cheryl said in the webinar, “stop integrating your CRM and start integrating your people. Email, flawed as it is, is a particularly good channel for getting their attention. Social media IS a great channel for understanding your audience — and done well, an important channel for engaging influencers, reaching new audiences and reinforcing your message with your existing audience.”

Watch the Webinar

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