Reach 200x More Supporters on Social Media When You Turn Influencers into Advocates

Nonprofits are all currently sitting on a massive amount of potential, right within their own email databases, which currently isn’t being used. On average, the top 5% most ‘influential’ contacts in our databases reach 200x more people via their social networks.

This is a foundational session on the key concepts and components you’ll need to know if you want to get more from your audience by integrating your social, Web and email marketing. 

In this webinar, you gain a firm understanding of:

  • The new, network-based approach to thinking about a supporter’s value. 
  • Where to identify and how to target the influencers in your audience. 
  • How to build and measure promotions that drive engagement across media.

Presenters, Roz Lemieux, CEO of and Peter Genuardi, CEO of Strength In Members, show you how to vastly extend your marketing reach using this new network-based approach. The amazing thing is you already have this information at your fingertips!