Twitter Actions

Twitter is a great platform for non-profits to organize on. It’s a public forum, so mass-messages are felt more than are behind-the-scenes forms of contact such as email. There are ways to reach out to high-profile people, and today we’re featuring three campaigns that succeeded in driving social action by rallying supporters to tweet at personalities.

SEIU Tweets @Pontifex

In mid-December 2012, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) launched a campaign calling on the Pope to weigh in on the fiscal cliff. They partnered with Catholics United and Faith in Public Life, and used to activate their list and generate hundreds of tweets to @pontifex.

Source: SEIU

Their campaign successfully generated an AP story and coverage in over 50 local/regional outlets. It was that got SEIU connected to the Twitter users among their members. “Without, you would have to email your entire list and the vast majority don’t use Twitter,” SEIU advocacy manager David Norton said. “It opens up a new realm of possibilities for online advocacy. It’s definitely a tool I’d recommend, it’s changing the way that we do online advocacy.”

After all, in SEIU’s pilot campaign using Twitter-matched emails, a single email blast generated over 500+ tweets and yielded the highest action rate the organization had seen in the past 12 months. Since then, SEIU has continued to leverage their list to get the word out. During the 2012 Presidential Debates, the mobilized their members and got 500-600 tweets out. Check out this Tech President article on how SEIU used to influence post-debate conversations.

ONE Campaign to Tweet President Obama

When ONE asked its members to send their vaccines message to the White House on Twitter, more than 2,300 ONE members and advocates posted their Twitter message on a national map.

Overall, more than 3,200 messages were tweeted. These were tweets from everyday activists like you who wanted @whitehouse (The White House’s official Twitter handle) to get the message that we’re serious about their pledge to fund vaccines that could save up to four million children.

The best part? It worked. The White House listened and pledged $450M for vaccines at GAVI.

“The White House got our tweets loud and clear, and now they’re on the fence about funding. We could tip them over to reaching our goals in the next few days.” – Garth Moore, ONE Campaign

Source: Fission Strategy

Reform Immigration for America Gets Petitions Signed

Tweeting is also a wonderful way of publicizing petitions. Reform Immigration for America (RI4A) and its local partners targeted 15  key undecided House Representatives and applied public pressure via Twitter in the final lead up to the impending vote in the House of Representatives on the DREAM Act.

As a result of targeted outreach, the 15 petitions created by RI4A were retweeted 632 times, and were displayed in users’ profiles more than 340,470 times.

Note: Both ONE and RI4A campaigns were projects of our sister-company, Fission Strategy.