Tutorial: How-to Interview with Google Hangout On Air

This week we’re focused on providing you with some handy social marketing tutorials… So we thought we’d start with a tutorial on how we record tutorials using Hangouts on Air – how meta! (For something less meta, check out our interview with Freedom To Marry’s Michael Crawford on #5secrets behind winning the storytelling battle for marriage equality over.)


Make sure that you’re not sitting in an empty room, empty rooms will generate an echo in the recording. Before recording, find a room where there are enough things to absorb sound. Also make sure you’re not in a location with lots of loud noises that will distract from the call.

Setting up at the right location & presentation

Find a background that is appropriate and not distracting, make sure it looks clean. The crosses over to your outfit, make sure you’re dressed appropriately. Remember to maintain eye contact and to avoid moving too much. Recording in front of white background can help with good lighting and won’t detract from the video. You can also set up a little scenery, like a bookshelf or plant. Just make sure that background doesn’t get too busy.

To make sure that your camera is at the right height and distance, raise your arm in front of you at shoulder height. The camera should be an arm’s length away and the camera height should be at about eye-level. Place your laptop on top of books to achieve the correct height.


To avoid shadows and generally bizarre lighting, make sure you’re not sitting under a bright overhead light. Light coming from below and from above will create strange shadows. Place a lamp in front of you behind your laptop, or sit in front of a window for better lighting.

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