The State of Email Marketing 2013: What We Can Take Forward Into 2014

Email marketing is and continues to be one of the most important elements of the marketing mix, both as a part of sales and inbound channels, with marketing professionals anticipating an increase in email marketing budgets in 2014.

A 2013 survey by Salesforce and ExactTarget of over 2,500 professionals, 53% of whom had over 11 years of experience (many with budgetary control) goes into detail about what the priorities are for 2014.

Email marketing plays a key role in executing on the following priorities:

  • 47% – Increase conversion rates from inbound channels

  • 46% – Increase and in improving brand awareness

  • 29% – Collecting more informed customer data

Email has much higher conversion rates than social; with content factoring importantly into both channels, but being more useful for conversions and ROI in email than in social media.

Increasing revenue and engagement has become a top challenge for at least 65% of those who responded to the survey.

Where email factors in predictions for 2014?

  • 68% believe it is core to their work and business

  • 49% send more than 500,000 annually

  • 58% will be increasing their budgets for email marketing in 2014.

One of the main challenges now, even with a likely increase in email marketing budgets, is increasing the number of email subscribers. Better engagement with current subscribers is the next priority, which is why more marketers will be using analytics and social media listening tools.

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