The Power of Social CRM for Organizing & Fundraising

Today, we’re launching an awesome new partnership with Salsa Labs – we’re they’re new social CRM package that works seameless to allow Salsa users to measure the impact of their supporters across the social web. First off, though, let’s talk about what social CRM is. CRM is constituent relationship management; social CRM is a strategy of engaging with those same constituents using social information and technology. Social CRM embraces supporters’ participation and ownership of the conversation.

The idea is to listen deeply to what they’re saying – about themselves, your cause, and about your organisation – in order to target the right people and send the right level of personalised communication. The end goal? A long-lasting, high-quality supporter relationships. That means higher response rates on your email asks, which ultimately means more action and fundraising in support of your cause.


Salsa works seamlessly with to match your organization’s supporter email list to public profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and 105 other social networks. also provides Klout score and basic demographic information (age, gender) on your list. To ensure privacy, only profiles that are public are matched and monitored. Once individuals are matched, their public posts begin showing up on the organization’s dashboard. Organizations then have access to statistics about top influencers, search features based on topics, reports with filters on location or specified parameters and more.  That data may then be used to develop an online communications strategy and tactics within Salsa.

That said, social CRM is only 50% about technology; the other 50% is strategy — how you use the tools at your disposal to make the right tactical moves. We’re going to highlight 4 different ways that clients have used social CRM to intelligently interact with their lists.

As a Driver of Social Twitter Action  – SEIU Tweets @Pontifex

In mid-December 2012, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) launched a campaign calling on the Pope to weigh in on the fiscal cliff. They partnered with Catholics United and Faith in Public Life, and used to activate their list and generate hundreds of tweets to @pontifex.


Source: SEIU

Their campaign successfully generated an AP story and coverage in over 50 local/regional outlets. It was that got SEIU connected to the Twitter users among their members.

“Without, you would have to email your entire list and the vast majority don’t use Twitter,” SEIU advocacy manager David Norton said. “It opens up a new realm of possibilities for online advocacy. It’s definitely a tool I’d recommend, it’s changing the way that we do online advocacy.”

After all, in SEIU’s pilot campaign using Twitter-matched emails, a single email blast generated over 500+ tweets and yielded the highest action rate the organization had seen in the past 12 months. Since then, SEIU has continued to leverage their list to get the word out. During the 2012 Presidential Debates, the mobilized their members and got 500-600 tweets out. Check out this Tech President article on how SEIU used to influence post-debate conversations.

Upping Open Rates – Greenpeace Greece Uses The Ripple Effect

Greenpeace Greece ran a campaign against the use of lignite in PPC stations – one of the dirtiest fuels in the world. They wanted people to know about the tons of toxic pollutants produced that burdened public health and cost the national economy. So they called for members to choose an energy revolution.

Between June 4 to 19, 2013, Greenpeace Greece reached out to the segment of their list that had Klout scores of 35 or higher. Since matches social profiles and retrieves Klout scores, this information was easily found and exported.

They then asked their members to take action from a landing page which prompted them to share infographics on social media and to sign their support for clean, modern, and safe renewable energy.image

Greenpeace Greece’s email open rates jumped by 170%, and they saw 6 times their normal clickthroughs. Since getting one influential user to Tweet means also reaching the hundreds of people on their followers list, of the 582 people that were contacted, Greenpeace Greece had them generate 55 tweets which had an impressive amplified reach of over 78,000.

Asking and Receiving – MomsRising Gets Personal with High Asks

MomsRising wanted to back up the parents and children across the country who put on their superhero capes to gather in-person at the offices of U.S. senators in hopes to protecting America’s children and families from toxic chemicals.

MomsRising did its part by creating a landing page to encourage its members to send a message to their senators. To get the most out of their campaign, they used to target the most enthusiastic and likely supporters from amongst their list. They got incredible results.

“We used as our hightech secret weapon for old-school organizing,” said Sarah Francis, campaign director at MomsRising. “We searched our supporters’ Tweets and Facebook posts to find out who really cared about environmental health. We then asked those members to commit to 3 Tweets per day or 1 Facebook post per day during the campaign. We had 100% conversion. Everybody we reached out to was super excited to be part of the campaign.”

Finding The Missing Facebook Piece – ONE Campaign Rounds Up Likes

While the ONE Campaign had a rather respectable list of more than half a million supporters, they realised that there was a rather large discrepancy between the number of users who had matched Facebook accounts on and the number of Likes they had on their page. By doing a quick comparison between the two, they saw that there was untapped potential for boosting their campaign’s Facebook presence.

So the campaign filtered their list down to active Facebook users and sent them a simple ask: Like us. The response was staggering. The one blast generated over 10,000 new Likes and thereby increased ONE’s ability to do better multi-channel work on Facebook. Without, they might never even have seen that there was a bridge to be built between their static email list and the social world that their users live in every day.

Are you an interested Salsa user? Click here to find out more about Social CRM from Salsa.