The Power of Pictures: Effective Content Marketing Using Images

Infinity and Beyond, from We Heart on Pinterest.

Images are important in almost all aspects of content marketing, whether used within a blog post directly, on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the more image-focused social networks, like Instagram or Pinterest. Images increase conversions. They improve click-through rates. They are as essential as the words you use.

So why are they always an afterthought?

1. Improve your descriptions. This is something almost everyone falls down on, regardless of where the image is published. There are two descriptions you need to consider to do this right: the one people can see (often below the image) and the alt-tag. Write both of them with a view to the words impacting search results, both in and outside of the social networks in question and your images will immediately be more useful. Here’s an in-depth post from Vincent Ng, an expert on Pinterest marketing which is well worth reading for more information.

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2. Demonstrate passion. Why are celebrities so successful on Instagram, or bloggers on Pinterest? It’s all about passion. Brands which do well* take fans behind the scenes, illustrating the people and drive behind what they do. This again, is all about passion. This is how you demonstrate yours with images:

  • Show your depth. Passion is rarely shallow, which means if pictures of what you do clearly show that then you’ll have many to show off. Don’t be afraid to do that. Your customers will feel closer to your brand if you are brave enough.
  • Post images of the really specific things you love. Your passion probably means you know more about it than other people; share the deep hidden gems you’ve discovered.
  • Don’t worry if it doesn’t relate to your business. It’s your passion, share it. Just because you run a bakery doesn’t mean you only have to have pictures of bread. If you love dancing, publish images about that – don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through.
Take Me Down To The Water by Carl Christensen, from Etsy

altTake Me Down To The Water by Carl Christensen, from Etsyafdasd3. Image Optimization for Websites & Social Networks: Pinterest is noted for having a longer content lifecycle than other social networks. Beyond that, the resulting influx of traffic to websites (especially e-commerce), once a campaign has built up a certain critical mass, can become lucrative and hard to ignore.

However, in order to get this right, and create content which people share on Pinterest, and other social networks, you could use private boards to test the quality of image content, size, keywords, and so forth, until you’ve got images you are happy to publish on your website. For any brands which use eye catching product images to drive sales and conversions this could be a useful way to add a few percentage points to bottom line growth.

Images are how you reach beyond the words and tap into what your customers feel. Aim to be interesting. You could be surprised how far it can take your brand.

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