The Power of Influencers, Part 2

In our recent post on the power of influencers on email marketing lists, we described how far and wide of a reach influencers can have when spreading your message. But what makes a person an influencer? And how can you connect with them?

You’ll want to focus on the people who consistently generate engagement from the content they share, not necessarily the ones with the most connections. automatically ranks your members by their influence using data from Klout, one of the leading tools that measures a person’s ability to drive action on social media platforms.



Klout scores range from 1-100, with the higher numbers meaning greater influence. As general rules of thumb:

  • Klout scores over 50 identify active and connected users within their space,

  • Klout scores over 60 show people that are admired as influencers, and

  • Klout scores over 70 mean the person is likely semi-famous, such as an elected officer or author — or has carved a niche in which they’re influential on social media

Now you know who your influencers are, but what can you do next? provides 3 actionable ways that you can effectively target influencers and turn them into brand evangelists:  

1) Reach out to the top 25 influencers among your members

In a recent StrongMail survey, 65% of marketers plan to integrate email marketing with social media in 2013. makes this possible by giving you the ability to export and utilize your influencers’ social data, including their public profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and 105 other social networks.

You can use this data to send optimized content to be shared by your influencers. Content that works well on Facebook includes photos or infographics. You could give your Twitter influencers early access to join your campaign with a tracking link they can Tweet and share with their followers.image

2) See what your influencers care about

Staying on top of what your list is saying has never been easier with’s Live Feed stream. Use this feed of the latest Twitter and Facebook posts from your members to guide marketing language when targeting specific influencers. This framing strategy can also increase email click-through and open rates by purposefully catering to your target members’ interests.



3) Respond to influencers talking about your topics

With, you’ll never miss an opportunity to connect with influencers that mention the issues your organization cares about. By tracking unlimited Watched Terms (keywords or phrases), you can immediately respond and engage with influencers mentioning these topics. You’ll also find daily recommendations of influencers you should Reply, Retweet, Direct Message or Follow.  Whether they mentioned one of your Watched Terms or gave your organization a shout out, reminds you to thank them for being your brand evangelist, and lets you do so without having to leave the page.

imageimage proves that today’s influencers are not limited to the celebrities in Hollywood or the politicans in Washington, DC. They’re already within your (email) reach and a few targeted emails or social media campaigns away from becoming your brand evangelists.

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