The Future of Social Marketing Automation is Improving With Eloqua Integration

Social media is a great channel for companies of all sizes. You can engage, build brand recognition, show the human side of your business. Get to know customers on a one-to-one basis. What most marketing professionals can’t do, through no lack of effort, is generate a meaningful ROI from social networks.

Email on the other hand consistently generates positive returns: 4300%, according to a 2013 DMA study. The problem is, partly thanks to social networks, customers just aren’t responding to the one size fits all sales emails like they used to. Hence a 30% drop in email ROI over the last five years.

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A Room With The Curtains Closed

There are several factors which might help explain this. Not everyone has embraced responsive design or an effective app strategy, which if customers want to take action after getting an email on their smartphone, and they can’t, then a sale is lost. Email providers are getting more selective about what kinds of emails go out from their servers.

The other issue is, the main marketing tool responsible for collecting the data about customers – the CRM – is like a room with the curtains closed. It has a door, but no light is getting in.

Today’s approach to marketing automation is mostly providing data on clicks and opens, so you know how they responded on your website. On the flip side, there’s a huge amount of rich data on customers, but it’s divorced from the sales and marketing data from your CRM.


Let some light into your CRM. Start using with Eloqua:

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Light, from a marketing perspective, would be third party data from social networks. If brands knew what their customers were saying either about them, or about their interests and passions, then marketing could be more precision targeted. Hotel deals could be sent to customers talking about holidays. Discounts to restaurants for those talking about food. Once we understand our the “digital body language” of our customers’ we can take action accordingly.

A Bridge To The Future

In October 2013 when Oracle’s Roland Smart presented his vision of “The Future of Social Marketing Automation” at #EE13 it was already possible to listen to social media chatter. It was even possible to send rules-based responses based on language analysis.

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Now, with the development of Eloqua’s Social Behavior Sparkplug we can take that a step further: automated campaigns can be triggered based on social media listening. Responses can be sent across a multitude of channels (emails, ads, direct social responses, segmentation, and scoring) based on social media signals.

Better yet, you can see the full picture of your customers by combining social data with your sales and marketing insight.

With this advantage, which is a part of, as an App on the Eloqua platform, you can move beyond “click-through” data, never miss a social mention and send personalized automated campaigns. The curtains of our CRM’s can now be drawn back and light can get in, thanks to this smart new combination of email and social media.

Learn more with our Slideshare of our webinar, “Make Your Social Data Actionable”, or watch it on Vimeo.

Find out about the Eloqua app integration here:

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