The cost of silence. How to know when a customer has disengaged with your brand?

Silence is more often heard when a customer is either unhappy or no longer interested. You don’t always get a complaint, sometimes not even a Tweet, and they won’t unsubscribe either. They’re the silently disengaged and it may be hard to encourage them to buy in the future.

How do you spot them? If a percentage of your customer database falls into this category, how can you tell? There’s value in this knowledge if you can. Once you can determine if someone is disengaged you can put them into a different content cycle, you can find out the cause of their dissatisfaction, filter and manage their expectations accordingly.

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Here is what to listen for when a customer isn’t talking.

  1. Reduced open / click through rates. Segmenting a customer database will help you better identify who isn’t opening emails and who is. Especially if you can segment according to the information you already have, plus further divide the data according to the sales cycle.
  2. Zero in on why? Identifying a group or sub-group within your customer base who despite the sales cycle, and impact of other potential factors (like seasonality, the weather, economy, regional differences in buying patterns), aren’t as engaged as they used to be isn’t easy, but the answers are in the data. Once you have this information, it is time to look into why they’re so disengaged. This should be based on several months of low activity / response rates from this group or groups of people. You should ask the following questions:
  • Are our brand values and customer service standards aligned?
  • Have these customers had poor / bad / indifferent experiences with our brand / staff in the past? What record do we have of these interactions?
  • Do these customers need our products / services anymore?
  • If not, how we can we develop suitable products / services / experiences which fit in with what they need?
  • What are our competitors doing – are they offering something we aren’t?

This may take some time, but you’ll get answers you can use which will allow you to make better decisions about how you interact with your customers. Send them content which will actually be of interest. Put together surveys which answer any questions which your data can’t. Most importantly, reach out, and show them you care. The time invested will deliver a return once more engaged customers start coming back. They will be glad you took the time.

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