The No.1 #GivingTuesday Tip for Nonprofits

Nonprofits have a huge opportunity raise funds like never before with the extra push of Giving Tuesday on Dec 2! This year however, something is different. Email conversions are declining. Nonprofits need to seriously consider this one tip if they want to beat this trend.


Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 12.12.08 PM

Emails conversions are declining. According to Luminate’s Online Benchmark Report, nonprofits sent 72% more email, yet saw a 25% dip in those email conversion rates. M+R’s Benchmark Report reported a similar decline in 2012-2013. It’s the second consecutive year fundraising email conversion rates have seen a massive decline. This trend is not exclusive to nonprofits or fundraising appeals. The commercial sector has seen a 30% decrease in email ROI over the past 5 years.

At the same time, email is still the best fundraising channel for most nonprofits AND online giving was up 8% last year according to the Luminate report.

If you want high email conversions, you need to get the attention of your supporters. The most important thing you can do on #GivingTuesday is send highly targeted, personalized, multi-channel communications. Tweet this!

In our recent webinar, “How to Target your Nonprofit Audience with Social Data“, with Beaconfire Consulting, we discuss a new approach of segmenting your appeals based on how your supporters are talking about your issues on social. Once you see how your supporters are talking about your issues on Twitter and Facebook, you can segment based social mentions in addition to their donation, action history, etc.

For example, using a social marketing platform like, on Giving Tuesday, you could send an email appeal based on social mentions. Let’s say you’re an environmental group and work on four programs including climate, but you’re not sure which program to lead with.

By connecting social data with your CRM, you could run a search for everyone in your database who mentioned key search terms in your four program areas. In the example below, we pulled everyone who mentioned “climate, climate change, keystone, etc” on social in the past 60 days. Next, you’d send a climate related email appeal and expect to see higher conversions because these supporters are actively talking about your program.

climate search term

You could also trigger an email appeal to be sent within hours of any social mention like this.

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Sending the right message, at the right time, to the right people, is foundation of marketing. Nothing has changed. What’s new is the technology to help your message cut through the noise and get your message read and spread.

If you’re interested seeing how connecting your CRM with social data can help you send highly targeted, multi-channel communications, we can help you get started right away!  Sign up with and we’ll give you December for free! 

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