Are you challenged by growing your supporter engagement and donations from email? If so, you’re part of an alarming trend due in part by the sheer increase in emails sent each year. Lack of personalization is one of the main hurdles for increasing email engagement. Email marketing, as it’s currently done, isn’t working.

The good new is that and our co-presenters, Beaconfire, have a good idea about what works – sending highly targeted, multi-channel communications based on the interests and behavior of your supporters. We’re solving an age old marketing problem (right message, right time, right person) with a next gen solution of merging your crm with social data.

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Regardless of your experience, you’ll walk away knowing exactly what you need to get started and how to do it. Using social data to send highly targeted, multi-channel communications will help you get to know supporters and donors like never before, so that you can adopt a personalized approach with your digital marketing going forward.

You won’t want to miss this new approach to list segmentation AND hear from one our leading partners – Beaconfire!