Social Listening Meets Marketing Automation with in the Eloqua AppCloud – Preview at #EE13

Attentively and SureShot Media have teamed up to produce a game-changing new offering for marketers in the Eloqua App Cloud: the Social Listening SparkPlug

With the Social Listening SparkPlug, marketers can integrate their existing Eloqua database directly with the platform to append social profile data as well as monitor specific keywords and social trends. The SparkPlug feeds the social media activity of your contacts back into Eloqua for advanced scoring, segmentation and campaign automation.

Why is this a big deal for marketers? Email remains the #1 way to drive sales online today, boasting a $40:$1 ROI. Yet overfull Inboxes and a recent crackdown on “bulk mail” by Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail have pushed that ROI down 30% over the past 5 years. The punchline: if you’re doing traditional “blast” email marketing, 9 out of 10 of your recipients aren’t opening your email.

Marketers today are searching for ways to make their communications more personal, to get around those walls. And personalization works. According to a recent study by Janrain, email segmentation based on demographics and interests led to a 244% increase in email opens, 161% increase in click through, and a 330% increase in revenue per mailing. That’s why Marketing Automation, which personalizes content based on a users’ activity on a company’s website, has exploded from a $175M to nearly $1B industry in the past 18 months. Eloqua (an Oracle company) is a market leader in this space.

The limitation of Marketing Automation to date has been that it takes too narrow a view of the customer’s “digital body language” (i.e. online activity). A typical customer is spending upward of 15 hrs/wk on social networks — talking about their likes, dislikes, interests, and passions — and just a few minutes, at most, on a given company’s website. And by the time the customer makes it there, they’ve likely already made a purchase decision.

The Social Listening SparkPlug will allow Eloqua users to track their customers’ social activity across many social networks, and deliver highly personalized marketing messages automatically, realtime, based on that activity. Preview the new offering in the Exhibit Hall at the Eloqua Experience ’13 in San Francisco from Weds Oct 23 through Fri Oct 25.