Salsa + = 21st Century Campaigns

Do you use Salsa to manage your donor/supporter email list? If you do, can help you target your Salsa email campaigns in minutes! Join us at our webinar on 13 August, Tuesday, at 1PM Eastern to learn more: Salsa + = 21st Century Campaigns

With and Salsa, you can easily import your list and then leverage their social data. With, you’ll have the ability to sort supporters:

  • by social influence, as measured by Klout-score
  • by social network — e.g. just those on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
  • by what they care about — e.g. everyone talking about ‘coal’ or ‘kittens’

You can also track how your members are talking about key issues — including your organization. We’ll provide popular shareable content for your social channels. And make it easy to find and message the social media influencers hidden on your email list. Engage them effectively and they’ll help you reach thousands or millions of potential new supporters.


Source: Mashable

Today, people expect more than an email blast. provides the social data you need to intelligently target and engage your existing donors, members, and supporters to maximize your reach and impact every day. A 2012 study on non-profits showed that incorporating social media can dramatically improve fundraising. So, are you ready to learn more? Attend our webinar tomorrow! Or go ahead and get in touch with us for a test spin.