Responsive Drip Marketing

Drip marketing usually involves sending automated emails to contacts according to their interests and actions. The idea is to listen to what your users are saying in order to target and segment them so that relevant content is pushed to their inboxes. makes it easy to both listen, segment, and deploy a responsive drip marketing campaign for organizations and companies. Here’s a step-by-step how-to:

Step 1: Listen to your list

The first task at hand is to use the social information from your list to determine where their interests lie. We do this by setting up Watched Terms around topics, and reviewing users who use those terms.

Nonprofits: Set up a Search Term for each of your campaigns so that you know ahead of time which users you ought to reach out to with an ask. An example: trade deals OR tpp OR fair trade. You might also want to send these users to your CRM as a curated list for later.

Businesses: Figure out which users are interested in which parts of your business or product. For example, a retailer could set up search terms around significant moments in consumers’ lives like birthdays, Valentines Day, or anniversaries.

Step 2: Set Up An Automated Responder

Nonprofits: Attach an email ask for the appropriate campaign using Automations (aka “rules”). From now on, anytime a user indicates interest in your campaigns, they’ll get a response within 24 hours and asked to take action. No one will slip through the cracks.

Businesses: Send emails with content dynamically catered to what your audience is talking about. Are they responding to Valentines Day? Then attach a coupon or a deal. Asking questions about your product? Send them an educational email that has information to prepare them for a purchase.

Step 3: Evaluate Campaign Performance

For both organizations and businesses, metrics are the same.