PRODUCT RELEASE: New Filters, Track Twitter Followers and New CRM Integration

If you thought the release of the user interface a few months ago was big, you’re going to love this one! All the upgrades below were built from the backend improvements contained within the new user interface release. Now, it serves as the new foundation to push out robust updates with more functionality and more often, like the new releases below.

In our last release, I mentioned that one of our top client requests was the ability to provide matches using Twitter handles (in addition to emails). Since then, I’ve worked with many clients who have imported their handles, making a sizable difference in their network reach! The matching works exactly the same with the only difference being YOU can import your Twitter handles yourself (and not have to go through us).

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 7.05.21 AM

This is big news if your CRM isn’t integrated with We’re using a new service called “Zapier” which is a data bridge that allows us to integrate with leading CRM’s like Salesforce, Closio and SugarCRM. The new feature allows your contacts to be automatically imported into when you add them to your CRM. You can also export from to your CRM by way of Zapier. If you’d like help setting up Zapier for your account, please contact me at

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Filtering Improvements
We’ve added a TON of new filtering options which you can use to filter people who use “Watched Terms” or to export to your CRM in the “Contacts” section. Below is a breakdown of the new filters.

Know Who Follows You (and who you follow) on Twitter
Now, you can easily see which of your supporters follow you AND who you are following.

Twitter followers

Action Idea: Use the filter tool in “Contacts” to export non-followers into your CRM, then send an email asking them to follow you. You could also re-purpose and segment your emails to include a “p.s. please follow us on Twitter”.

Action Idea: This feature is particularly handy for an influencers program as it allows you to see which of your influencers are following you. It’s key to know which of your influencers are already following you, so you can ask them to help you spread the word about your campaign or promotion.

Filter by Klout
Find influencers by filtering with custom Klout scores and topics.


Action Idea: Find your influencers with a Klout score between 55-100 who talk about your topic AND are already following you on Twitter. Group them as “influencers” in general, or by each topic. Develop a call to action, or promotion, they can send to their networks. Check out our latest recap of our webinar on how to develop an influencer campaign.

Filter by Group Membership
Not only can you filter by groups, but you have the option to include, exclude or ignore certain groups.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.37.22 AM

Action Idea: Now that you’ve found your influencers by filtering with custom Klout scores, topics and know they are already following you on Twitter, use Group Membership to find out who are engaged (i.e. donors, activists, top customers). It’s quite likely that people who give their time or money, would be thrilled to help you spread the good word.

Filter by Network Membership
Filter to include or exclude the top social networks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 8.38.07 AM

Filter by gender and biography profile
Looking to target directors or leaders who are women? Here you can find the right profile for sending personal communications.

gender bio

Let me know if you have any questions about our latest release. I’m also happy to pass on your high five to our amazing dev team.

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