FIND your supporters on social media

Build rich social profiles from your existing email list. We provide social matches from 108 social networks which include post frequency, Klout score, number of connections, employment history, age, and more.

Layer social data over list segments already defined in your CRM — e.g. only show me active supporters in NYC over age 35 who are “influencers”.

Identify “influencers” hiding out in your CRM who can help you reach new audiences and amplify your content.

Re-engage contacts who are no longer opening your email — by finding them on Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Find out which networks are most popular among your audience — so you can target your ad and staffing resources efficiently.

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Search and social listening are core features. The power of social listening is about smart segmentation so you can send the right message today and not in next month’s newsletter.

Search all your supporter’s posts for topics that relate to your organization. If you work on food issues, you might listen for mentions of: “organic OR “fda regulations” OR foodie”.

Get email alerts when your topics are mentioned.

See what topics, hashtags, images, and videos are trending among your contacts. Filter by location, list segment, or social network.

Compare which topics have more resonance with your contacts.

Segment people into groups who mention key search terms.

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CONNECT with your CRM connects with major CRM’s like ActionKit, ActiveCampaign, BSD, Mailchimp, Salsa, Luminate, CiviCRM, NGP and Campaign Monitor. We also have an available API and connect with Zapier which allows you to import/export to other CRMs.

Segment by social. It’s just one-click to cut a list segment based on social mentions, influence, and social networks, which you send to your CRM.

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The holy grail of realtime marketing is delivering that content to just the right person, at just the right moment.’s powerful social marketing automation sets us a part.

When a supporter mentions “grand canyon” on Facebook or Twitter, email them your petition about the Grand Canyon, put them in a group, then send to your CRM with each mention.

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INFLUENCER engagement


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Identify “influencers” hiding out in your CRM. Find your existing influencers based on network reach, topic relevancy, prior interactions.

Listen to your influencers.  See what your influencers are saying in real-time about your campaigns on social. Monitor for opportunities and engage at the right time.

Trending content. See which terms, hashtags and media and your influencers use most.

Email alerts. Receive daily email summaries of influencers who mention key search terms.

See prior interactions. Know the engagement history of  influencers by seeing which CRM groups the are in such as current donors, past volunteers or recent event attendee.

FUNDRAISING & advocacy

By listening to what a donor or activist is saying on social media, your organization can understand which issues resonate with them and why – you can literally see how they are talking about your work.

Grand Canyon Mentions

Provide personalized multi-channel responses at scale. When a supporter talks about an issue on Twitter, it gets tagged in your CRM, they get pushed a Facebook ad about the great work you’re doing on that front, or an automated email asking for donation or call to action within hours of the mention on Twitter or Facebook.

See’s FAQ’s for our top questions.

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