How Nonprofits Use Social Listening

Do you know how to monitor digital channels to understand the conversations around relevant topics so you can better engage your supporters?

It’s a fairly sophisticated digital communications approach, so we asked some of our smart nonprofit friends to share their direct experience on a webinar next Tuesday, April 26, Your People Are Talking. Are You Listening?

Here’s a sneak preview of how they engage their supporters with social listening:

Anita Jackson of MomsRising, uses social listening in their “Metrics Monday” team report to review what’s trending in the news and what supporters are talking about.

“It’s interesting for us to see the overall chatter and where we fit into the conversation.”

Anita explains how social listening informs their weekly content plan in this short video from the Nonprofit Technology Conference. 

Another organization (with four total staff), created network of super activists to pressure on Obama to talk about their campaign using social insights…which is kinda a big deal.

Ralph Medley tells the story of Black Lives Matter being an important issue for supporters of the American Friends Service Committee, a 100 year old organization. His team listens on social media so they use the same language as their audience.

“We’re always trying to figure out how to translate something for a normal person.”

Ralph and his team maintain a dialogue with constituents, host online chats, get ambassadors to Tweet to their friends to join the conversation, shout out simple & heartfelt thank you’s, and in general show the good human behind the computer.

Join Our Webinar 4/26: Your People Are Talking. Are You Listening?

Anita Jackson, MomsRising (12)

Hear from American Friends Service Committee, MomsRising, Epolitics, Fission and learn:

  • How to make social listening actionable
  • Ways to inform your weekly content strategy
  • How to engage the people who talk about you

Get the full scoop by reading Fission’s review of the social listening panel at the Nonprofit Technology Conference (including a few videos!)

P.S. This was the same panel at NTC, which was a huge hit! It’s one of the best opportunities of the year to hear from these nonprofits leaders who will share their direct experience about how they make social listening actionable.

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