New Guide: How to Identify & Engage Your Influencers


Influencers can massively amplify your content marketing campaigns and social reach. The problem isn’t identifying them or knowing how they talk about your organization on social. With modern engagement tools, that’s easy. Figuring out the right ask or channel, isn’t the tough part either. The main challenge marketing, development and communication professionals face when creating influencer powered campaigns, is putting all the pieces into a systematic program.


While influencer a program is indeed an investment, the right influencers, whether a celebrity, professional or citizen advocate, can be a real game changer; a human starting gun for your people powered marketing.

The investment to win the support of influencers is in the planning and content stage of such a strategy, which is what our Influencers Guide is all about. It’s for nonprofits and causes who want to inspire their supporters, drive organic engagement and generate higher returns from their outreach efforts.

In This Guide, You’ll Learn:

  • The value of influencers in 2015 and why they are game changers
  • How to identify your existing influencers, especially the ones hiding out in your CRM
  • The 3 types of influencers to engage
  • How to create an influencers program
  • The best calls to actions

Influencers hold the greatest power to share content and be seen, which is why its so critical to know how to engage with them and get them to share your message. For example, we found that the top 5% of influencers reach 85% of your entire network. That’s just one reason we’re calling influencers “game changers”.

Download now, for free, to get started with our easy to implement guide for launching high converting influencer-powered marketing campaigns. drives engagement with your digital campaigns by turning your existing audience into advocates.

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