NEW GUIDE: How Next Gen Social Can Amp Your Lead Gen

Email marketing is a fantastic tool, when it works. One of the main reasons for decreasing conversions is the lack of personalization. For customers to pay attention, they need real-time personalized, targeted and automated communications.

We at want to make things a little easier. First, with our social marketing automation platform, and second, with our free guide: “Amp Your Lead Gen with Next Gen Social”. DOWNLOAD OUR FREE GUIDE


With this, we wanted to cover all the automation, segmentation and personalization bases for you. We are all about helping brands communicate better with their customers. In order to do this you need to understand what your customer wants.

What your audience doesn’t want:

  • To receive the same email as 5 million other people
  • Feel like you don’t understand them
  • Offers and promotions which aren’t relevant to them
  • Another reason to unsubscribe from yet another marketing email
  • To feel talked at, instead of engaging in a dialogue with your brand.

What they actually  want:

  • To feel a personal connection to your brand
  • A reason to visit your website
  • Added value content and information
  • A way to engage in a conversation with your brand
  • An email which really speaks to them, personally.

Download our free guide, to get to know your customers better, so that you can adopt a personalized approach with your digital marketing going forward

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