MomsRising – a transformative online and on-the-ground multicultural organization working to end discrimination against women and mothers – used to launch a super-successful online campaign!

MR Square logo“We had 100% conversion.”

MomsRising wanted to back up the parents and children across the country who put on their superhero capes to gather in-person at the offices of U.S. senators in hopes to protecting America’s children and families from toxic chemicals.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.52.39 AMMomsRising did its part by creating a landing page to encourage its members to send a message to their senators. To get the most out of their campaign, they used to target the most enthusiastic and likely supporters from amongst their list.

“We used as our hightech secret weapon for old-school organizing,” said Sarah Francis, campaign director at MomsRising. “We searched our supporters’ Tweets and Facebook posts to find out who really cared about environmental health.

We then asked those members to commit to 3 Tweets per day or 1 Facebook post per day during the campaign.

The Result: “We had 100% conversion. Everybody we reached out to was super excited to be part of the campaign.”