Donor driven fundraising on social is on the rise! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of people that regularly give to your organization and many of them have robust social networks that can help meet your next fundraising goal and then some. Engaging with these existing donors in a way that persuades them to recruit their friends, family, coworkers, and other followers is no easy task, which is why we’re here to explore the topic in a new webinar,

The Internet Advocacy Roundtable presents a webinar with Alan Rosenblatt of turner4D and Roz Lemieux of, who will share how to identify the best types of donor recruiters, how to approach them with your fundraising asks, and offer real examples from nonprofits that made social fundraising work for them.

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Here’s a sneak preview of their tips:

1. As important as it is to get past donors to give again, you want to increase the pool Social media is ideally suited to growing your potential donor lists

2. Influencers hold the greatest power to share content and be seen, which is why its so critical to know how to engage with them, especially if they are donors who could tell their friends all about your great work. For example, we found that the top 5% of influencers reach 85% of your entire network.

3. Through unprecedented connectivity and the availability of social data, nonprofits are sitting on a wealth of social data about their supporters and donors. There are influencers, advocates, and “friendraisers” also hiding out in your email list right now that could share your message with the world.

4. The Susan G. Komen 3-Day leveraged 27 social influencers, who were donors, to raise over $200K for their 3 day walk. 

5. Social media is up 32% from 2012. While email is still the #1 fundraising channel – think about using social to increase the efficacy of your email fundraising program – it’s worth noting that social media as an independent fundraising channel is on the rise.

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