Marketing Automation With

We’ve written extensively about why email personalization and targeting is so important. Simply put: email alone isn’t enough anymore. Open and clickthrough rates are down. It’s important to get to know your users – what they like, what they talk about – so that you can build the right list segments.

The problem most people face is that segmenting a list can be hard work. It can involve going through thousands of social media posts, hand-picking users, and so on. How many teams have the bandwidth for that kind of work?  

Automation = Set It and Forget It

That’s why marketing automation can be a game-changer, since  it allows teams to set up a workflow and put it into action. Automation doesn’t just free up time on everyone’s schedules – it helps to ensure that nothing slips through the cracks and that users get pushed up a ladder of engagement.

Automating With

When done right, social marketing automation should segment users into the right groups and allow teams to send relevant emails based on their social activity and interests. makes that easy.

Clients can set up Automations which are triggered whenever their users talk about a specific topic on social media. This allows clients to leverage social data to automatically…

  • Put users into segments based on their interests

  • Filter and respond to users with an email or Twitter DM

  • Create and update lists in a linked CRM

  • Follow users on Twitter

To find out more about can help you listen to your list and get you kick-started with social marketing automation, attend our webinar on Tuesday, November 19 at 1PM Eastern.