Marketing Automation Spotlight: Canva

On the brink of Christmas, I couldn’t be more pleased with the gift I recently got in my email: My exclusive access to Canva (beta). I tried looking at Canva from my mobile phone, out of convenience and eagerness to explore this “amazingly simple graphic design website.”

Created with non-graphic designers in mind, Canva allows users to create a variety of online and offline customized posters, business cards, presentations, Facebook cover and default photos, and more from hundreds of beautiful and highly professional free and premium templates and over 1,000,000 images.

Anyone using Canva has everything they need to create high-quality marketing visuals with the click of a few buttons, and the final product ranges from Free to $1, depending on the type of images, texts and backgrounds used. (Here’s what I did in about 2 minutes as an example):

Facebook Cover Photo. Cost: Free

Unfortunately, Canva isn’t supported on mobile browsing yet. So naturally, when I first tried opening this email from my phone, I was disappointed at this finding. I closed my Safari app on my iPhone and completely forgot about Canva for the rest of the day.

Until I saw this brilliant, marketing automation email pop up about 1 hour later:

By taking the time to create this triggered event, Canva created a personalized and positive experience for me, their newly acquired customer. This email reminded me of my previous problem by providing a quick and easy solution for me to give their website another chance.

Why This Email is Awesome:

1. Clear subject line with a call to action (Instructions here are neutral, so there’s little reason for someone to not want to open it)

2. Recognized my previous engagement dilemma (Very smart use of website traffic data)

3. Language encourages me to stop what I’m doing and try Canva (“One click to designing? Sounds so simple I have to try it”)

If you haven’t reserved your username on Canva, stop what you’re doing and do so here. This one-stop design shop is cost-effective for any organization, simple enough for anti-Photoshop marketers to gain design skills, and a must-have tool for the upcoming year. Check out the Canva blog for more information.