Marketing Automation More Popular: New Research: 42% of CRM Users Plan To Invest More In Marketing Automation

Software Advice, the website which has so far helped 223,679 people buy the right software, are witnessing a trend amongst CRM users towards increased spending on marketing automation software.

New research has found that customization and integration of CRM suites with automation and other marketing tools are amongst their top pain points. Over 26 percent describe these issues as a “major challenge.”

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What this means for vendors?

Customers don’t want to be sold on all the benefits, only to find later that the CRM produce they want doesn’t integrate with the automation or social media listening tools they also need. Vendors need to work on better integration if they are to meet the evolving needs of CRM users.

Does this indicate increased spend amongst CRM users?

According to the research, Software Advice suggests that one reason for current frustration at a lack of integration is due to the desire to spend being higher now than ever. In the survey, 42 percent said they plan on spending more on marketing automation tools.

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Why the increased spending?

Core CRM functions aren’t enough anymore.

“Even if you can [conduct one-to-one lead nurturing] manually, you’ll never scale,” says Brent Leary, Co-founder of CRM Essentials. “And that’s where marketing automation comes in. It’s going to be more and more critical as we go on.”

Both automation and CRM software now needs to be accessible on numerous devices, since 81 percent of respondents said they use these systems on up to four devices.

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You can download the full report here >>>


Software Advice used several approaches to survey 304 CRM buyers and users. They emailed survey invitations to CRM software buyers who contacted Software Advice for guidance in their software selection process. The survey was also posted on social networking sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

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