Living the Dream! 69% of Smartphone Users Search and Take Action within an Hour

Customers are tired of waiting. They’re tired of waiting for the multi-channel multi-platform bill of goods, which smartphone manufacturers and the big network providers have been selling them over and over again, for years, to finally arrive.

We, collectively, from marketing, advertising and digital agencies, to the brands we work for, are all part of the problem.

A study by Microsoft Advertising found that “69% of smartphone users conduct a search and take action within an hour.” Customers don’t want to wait. They want to take action, which can mean moving from thought to purchase, within the hour. Without meaning to sound like the character Barney Stinson, from the popular CBS TV show, How I Met Your Mother, “That’s the dream!”

For marketing professionals too, it would be a dream if within a matter of one or two touch points a customer could go from idea to purchase on their phone or tablet.

Another study, this time by Netbiscuits, found that “76 percent of consumers across the globe will leave a mobile website if it’s not optimized per device.”

Poor optimization and context, within the mobile framework, is the reason the dream of a fully mobile world – where you can do everything you used to on a laptop – has not been realized. Especially when it comes to e-commerce. Changes in design, with the analytics to support it, along with the right content, generated specifically for mobile campaigns, would lead to a direct increase in campaign returns.

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For example, a customer browsing on a mobile website (or app), suitable for a BlackBerry (when considering a mobile strategy, it is worth taking into account ALL platforms and devices) should be able to be shown directions to a nearby store. With this extra information they might make a purchase. Online and mobile interactions are essential touch points in buyers decision making processes, it is important to get these right first time.

Daniel Weisbeck, CMO of Netbiscuits, talked about the specific needs of mobile users in Wired Insights, advising that the mobile experience is, “more action-oriented and much quicker. In addition, mobile has several different technological and design features to take into account – touch-screen, pinch-to-zoom and swipe functions make mobile a contextual and finely-tuned user experience of considerable importance.”

The more you know about mobile users, which comes from having analytics which support a full mobile strategy, the more able you will be at exceeding their needs. With assets in place and social media listening tools, ideally ones, like, which connect to your email marketing and CRM software, you will be able to listen, automate and deploy whole campaigns which will bring together customer needs with the mobile experiences you can now deliver.

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