Case Study: Rep Takano Listens & Responds to Constituents Using Social Data

Congressman Takano’s office needed a way to listen and respond to constituents. They heard about at Rootscamp, which is when they first thought it would be useful for constituency outreach and survey campaigns.

“What you really want [is] genuine conversations with people in your district who aren’t expecting to hear from you.” – Congressman Takano.

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The Tech Behind A Congressman

Keeping a constituency office running smoothly is a busy tech operation, with CRM’s, social media tools and an active comms team, both at home and in Washington DC. In order to effectively listen and engage with constituents, they developed outreach goals based on 1) the top issues in the state, 2) increase followers and 3) connect with influencers.

Outreach Goals

  • Segment emails based on the issues constituents identify with and talk about on social (i.e. immigration, environment, veterans affairs).
  • Launch targeted constituent surveys asking about top priorities surrounding their issues.
  • Increase engagement and follower metrics across social networks with the launch of a huge transportation report.
  • Connect with more in-district Influencers.


Increased Engagement: Social listening allowed the congressman to respond personally on Twitter and Facebook when constituents talked about the announcement of his transportation plan.

Identified and Connected with In-district Influencers: Using a range of publicly available data such as Klout score, topics and network reach, they identified and connected with in-district influencers who are now more actively engaged with key district issues (while gaining 150 new followers!).

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Personalized Messages: One of the most utilized features was the ability to tag constituents according to issues / demographic data (e.g. ‘immigration’, or ‘pro-choice’) that they’re actively talking about on social. This allowed their office to send tailored, pro-active content, by email, social and mail.


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