Listen: Here’s How Nonprofits Can Make Your Social Data Actionable

Most nonprofits are sitting on a gold mine of useful donor data, but most aren’t leveraging it to incorporate social data. Never before have we had so much access to donor data, to understand and influence what they care about, or encourage them to take action. Nonprofits have never had it so good!

Social media has made that possible.

Why then has giving by individuals, which historically averaged between 80 – 83% (1973 – 1992) now reduced to 72% of total US non-profit donations? Corporations are giving more, individuals are giving less. Despite unprecedented levels of access and connections between nonprofits and individuals, thanks to social media.

Nonprofits are generally good at listening to the needs of their supporters. Donations are voluntary in nature – no one needs to give away money after all. Listening to supporters in a digital age is more complex than listening when the world was binary. Supporters had a limited number of channels to reach nonprofits, and vica versa. Now there are hundreds. Supporters may not always mention you by name either, so how can you know when people are speaking if you can’t hear them?

That’s the challenge of unlocking social data.

How MomsRising Increased Engagement 100%

MomsRising, a million strong grassroots organization of mothers across America, was launching a campaign against the harm toxic chemicals inflict on our environment. They wanted to find a way to encourage members to be more active on social media, to support those mothers and families who were going to protest outside of senators offices wearing capes.


They have the same challenge as other nonprofits. They need to:

  • Increase online and offline engagement
  • Increase actions
  • Identify influencers solved these issues. Once our social media listening tool was plugged into their CRM, they were able to identify high value influencers who really cared about this issue.

MomsRising then asked those members to commit to 3 Tweets or 1 Facebook post per-day throughout the campaign. Everyone agreed. Sarah Francis, campaign director told us, “We had 100% conversion. Everybody we reached out to was super excited to be part of the campaign.”

MomsRising strategy was relatively simple: sentiment analysis, combined with personalized outreach, resulting in a 100% conversion and engagement rates.

With an effective social media listening tool, personalisation and automation, you can do so much more. The trick is learning how to integrate data sources so that you can hear your audience better and react to their needs.

Why Have Nonprofits Not Embraced Social Data Until Now?

Integrating social data effectively takes time and money. It can fundamentally change the way your organization does marketing.

The questions usually raised around this are:

  • Will this integrate with our CRM?
  • What impact will it have on other marketing channels?
  • What value do we get from automation and social listening?

Our answers always are: yes it will integrate, with just one click; with the right strategy it will have a beneficial impact on other marketing channels, and the value you get comes from automation based on social data becoming a key part of how you do email marketing from now on. Email marketing already generates the highest returns compared to all other channels. With this new approach those returns only keep on getting higher.

The answer to all three is: is designed to work with dozens of popular CRM API’s, as a plug-and-play solution, which means setup is easy.

Within these integrated systems you can set up email reports, allowing you to track mentions and social sentiment relevant to your outbound campaigns. Knowing who has high Klout scores, lots of followers and who has been talking about your issues on social networks gives you the ability to filter according to campaigns. Combine high value, real-time data with awesome content, delivered across channels, based on when keywords are mentioned will drive up engagement and involvement rates amongst your supporters.

Struggling with your marketing campaigns? Investigate the ways others are tackling similar challenges and attend an online demonstration or download our recent whitepaper is a social marketing automation platform for modern marketing teams. We help brands and organizations predict how customers and supporters will behave – even what they might do or buy – from social data. It has been used by over 100 companies and organizations to improve thousands of email marketing and social media campaigns.

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