For Immediate Release: Tuesday, October 25, 2012
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Women-led Tech Start-Up Uses Social Media to Revolutionize Way Businesses, Non-Profits, and Political Campaigns Engage Email Subscribers

There’s A Revolution Happening. Are You Listening?

WASHINGTON, DC and SAN FRANCISCO, CA – today launched providing businesses large and small, non-profits, and political campaigns with an innovative new way to optimize their email lists by creating a dynamic online community through the discovery of their subscribers’ social media influence.

With email unsubscribes on the rise and open-rates on the decline, organizations can no longer rely on email alone for online communications. By tracking, measuring, and quantifying the online presence and social activity of current email subscribers, customers/leads or donors/volunteers, helps clients create a more focused, efficient, and effective strategy for engaging their subscribers in powerful new ways. fills a gap in the dynamic “social CRM” space by providing not only users’ social profiles, but aggregating their Twitter and Facebook content. This provides actionable insights on trending topics and hashtags, as well as specific high-Klout users’ interests.

Introducing from on Vimeo.’s launch is unique for a technology world dominated largely by white men. The brainchild of two women, Rosalyn Lemieux and Cheryl Contee, received its initial seed capital from Serious Change when Lemieux was eight months pregnant. Over the past decade, Lemieux and Contee have established themselves as leaders in the political technology industry with Contee being one of the few prominent African Americans let alone African American women in the space.

“With unsubscribes on the rise and open rates on the decline, using email alone to organize supporters and motivate customers simply isn’t enough,” said Lemieux. She continued, “Imagine if a political campaign or issue advocacy group knew what its email subscribers were saying about important issues online. Imagine if businesses big and small could hear what their customers and clients were saying about their services, competitors, and marketspace. That’s exactly what offers.”

“Too many organizations are under-resourcing social media and relying too heavily on email as their primary form of online communication with supporters and customers,” added Contee. She continued, “Attentively finally provides a means by which companies and organizations can leverage the investment in their email list in a new age of social media. takes an email list and transports it into the mode of 21st century communication. For businesses, that means new ways to motivate customers and for non-profits and political campaigns, that means creative new ways to raise money and spark action.”


Businesses, non-profits, and political campaigns have spent years and precious resources building and developing their email lists of customers, donors, and activists only to find their open rates plummet as subscribers increasingly move to social networks for communication and news.

As a result of this transition, organizations seeking to interact with their subscribers are now overwhelmed by the number of new communication channels and social media monitoring tools, none of which tell these organizations what their existing customers, donors, and activists are actually interested in. Until now. starts with an organization’s email list, looking specifically at its customers, donors, and action-takers to see what they are doing and saying online so organizations can spend their time more efficiently communicating with their most influential, well-connected subscribers. The resulting relationships are deeper and more personal, inspiring subscribers to engage their social media connections, purchase more frequently, donate more generously, and take action more often.

Who Can Use

Businesses large and small can benefit greatly from’s innovative solutions. Fortune 500 companies and mom-and-pop small businesses alike have used the Internet to directly market their goods and services to current and potential customers with email subscriptions playing a prominent role. As the success of these email lists decline, businesses now find themselves in need of new ways to connect with their clientele. does precisely that – providing businesses with the ability to build stronger, lasting relationships by seeing what their customers are doing and saying online.

Political campaigns and non-profits have flourished online over the past decade but their ability to raise funds and motivate supporters into action has declined quickly as email communication has become less effective. provides these entities with the ability to more effectively engage their most committed followers, creating more meaningful relationships that result in more generous contributors and an increased commitment to action by supporters.

Already, NGP VAN, the leading technology provider to thousands of Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, including President Obama’s reelection campaign, will begin offering clients’s services at a discounted rate.

“This is a major leap forward for our clients who rely heavily on email to communicate with their supporters, raise money, and create change,” said Stuart Trevelyan, NGP VAN’s CEO. He continued, “The ability for a candidate or issue advocacy organization to have a real time pulse on what is inspiring and motivates supporters and donors is a game-changer.” Features

Dashboard: The Dashboard shows what's on supporters’ minds — what's popular and what's not, today and over time. The "Watched Terms" chart shows interest over time in key topics.

Filtering: Organizations can filter their results by time and segment their lists by top customers, leads, donors, volunteers, and more.

Social Reach: Organizations can also see the overall reach of their network. For example, if they match 5,000 email subscribers and on average those subscribers have 200 people in their personal social networks on average, an organization has a first-degree potential reach of 1,000,000 if they are successful in engaging their subscribers on social media.

Trend Spotting: The “Top 10’s” section allows organizations to monitor trending topics, hashtags, and news stories being shared by their email subscribers.

News Feed: Featured front and center, the News Feed allows organizations to see actionable changes happening on their email list – which subscribers are gaining Klout? What videos, photos, and stories are going? Who is talking about the organization?

Subscriber Spotlight: Under “Members to Watch,” organizations can see which email subscribers are gaining influence or have stopped talking about the organization altogether.

Searchable: Search is a core feature of Organizations can search all of their subscribers for specific words and phrases.

Rosalyn Lemieux,’s CEO, is available media interviews. For more information, please contact Karl Frisch at (202) 681-5275.