How to tailor sales & marketing materials based on shared interests and passions

Social media can give you a much deeper, 360 insight, into your customers – and prospective customers. Combining social media listening with the information held within a CRM can help you produce content which has much higher conversion rates.

The best way to implement a strategy which will deliver a higher ROI is to create sales and marketing materials which speak to a customers shared interests, passions and aspirations. On a grand scale, one marketing expert researched how the US government *sold the moon to the public.* It was all about content which spoke to the publics hopes and fears, bringing people together with shared experiences.

You can do the same.

Except these days we know more about our customers hopes, fears, passions, interests and aspirations than ever before. Brands and customers have never been closer.

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We’ve highlighted some fantastic examples of brands who do this really well.

With social media listening you can categorize your customers according to various shared passions; from music to favorite movies, books they like to places they go on holiday. The larger your customer base the more customers who will share passions and interests with other customers. Once you have sufficient information to justify an approach to suit your brand you can start creating campaigns and content around this information.

Bring this information together with the demographic facts you already know. You will be better equipped to filter the information more effectively.

And finally, don’t be creepy. Knowing too much could result in content which turns off as many customers as it converts. Try A/B testing on a small number of customers which will demonstrate click through rates. If you’ve managed to blend your message effectively with what your customers are interested in then you’ll find a higher number of them take a greater interest in your products and services.

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