How to Succeed on Instagram Like a Fortune 500 Brand

Before everyone’s jaw dropped at the $19 billion purchase of WhatsApp by Facebook, the social media giant made a similar purchase in April 2012 of Instagram for a large amount back then, of $1.13 billion. It was a similar deal, with both companies active parts of the Facebook family, but quasi-independent of the parent company. Instagram has thrived under their new owners, and for brands it is becoming a highly useful generator of traffic and conversions.


Instagram has 150 million users sharing 40 million images per-day, with 70% of those users active every day, with 125 of the Fortune 500 on Instagram, and that number is likely to rise. All these numbers are continuing to increase, which is why if you aren’t on Instagram yet, you should be soon.

Some of the most successful include Nike, Starbucks, Walt Disney, Apple, Nordstrom, Whole Foods, as-well as dozens of others, including hundreds of B2B brands.

Those with higher engagement rates posted videos on the evenings and weekends. With images, not using a filter and having up to and including five hashtags is the optimal amount for high levels of interaction per-thousand users.

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3 Things Successful Fortune 500 Brands Do On Instagram

1. Use Video. Brands which use video will have an advantage over those who don’t provide as much rich content, and will drive growth in followers and click through rates. According to a study by analytics firm, TrackMaven, “On average, a video on Instagram can get up to 24 interactions (sum of comments and likes).”

2. #Insert #Multiple #Hashtags. Instagram is different to Twitter. Don’t treat them the same. Deploying between 4 and 11 are ideal, with 5 being the magic number. Incorporate them in your copy, rather than dropping them in at the bottom of the description, and you’ll do well with your audience.

3. Publish 24/7. Like traffic on a highway, most social networks have peak times. Not Instagram. Your publishing schedule needs to factor in that people engage around the clock, every single day. Using this strategy to start off with will enable you to find what works best for your brand, judging by response and click through rates from campaigns.

Like with all content, image based or otherwise, how you succeed is by producing quality work which resonates well with your audience and grows your fans day by day, week by week. This, in turn, will generate conversions, giving you a cumulative ROI for your social media marketing efforts.

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