How to Encourage Fans to Share Your Content: Motivate Them With Awesome Content

Fans, followers and subscribers are in three different camps. Subscribers are passive. They are on your email database. Maybe they engaged with you once, but it doesn’t mean they’ll wait in line for your next campaign. Followers might occasionally Like something on Facebook. Loyal fans are your golden goose.

Moz, which has a pretty passionate and loyal fan base describes the value of cultivating fans with the creation of amazing content:

“Apple has a huge number of people that spread their love for the products they make. Buffer is engrossing a community of startup transparency thanks to some of their latest initiatives like the open metrics dashboard powered by Baremetrics or their open salaries posts. Ryan and the team at Product Hunt really care about the power of a ‘true engaged community’, and ‘not just acquire additional users’. At the end, it seems ‘easy’ to grow a community if what you do is good enough.”

Engagement and social media sharing is all about building relationships. Here are a few ways you can encourage followers to share your content, creating fans eager to tell others about your brand.

  • Be Authentic: Be Human

It doesn’t matter what you do, whether your marketing team is one guy or a whole department and an agency, having an authentic voice online is the first step towards delivering a successful marketing campaign.

The public wants to hear from real people. They can’t have a relationship with a generic sounding brand. They want a relationship with a brand they know, love and trust. This starts with writing in the first person. Being transparent, about business and life is another great way to establish trust with fans.

For example, when Buffer announced all their salaries online (talk about radical transparency), they got a lot of good press and won a whole load of new fans, eager to share in their growth and use their product.


  • Develop A Distinctive Voice

Within a company the culture is something management works hard to cultivate. Externally, the voice used for content is a reflection of that culture.

Strike the right tone and style with your content and followers will gradually become super fans – encouraging others and sharing every blog or article.

ConversionXL’s brand is “conversion optimization for smart people,” which they support with great content. Hard hitting, data-driven, in-your-face style is what their fans have come to expect, so they deliver it consistently, which increases their own conversions and has the added benefit of showing fans what they are selling really works.


  • Share Fans Stories / Content

Fans and followers want to be a part of your story. Go beyond online reviews. Have a place where fans can share their own experiences or upload pictures. Not only will they love it but it will serve as the best form of social proof you can hope to receive.

The added bonus is it makes the content creation process a little easier.

GoPro engages 2.5 million fans on Instagram using a lot of user generated images. GoPro’s “Photo of the Day” marketing feature is a constant attraction, since fans are excited to know their images could be shared with millions across the internet.

GoPro_image - surfer

There’s a direct correlation between better content and winning more fans. The best brands are constantly churning out great content, which their fans are sharing and promoting.

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