How To Craft Content Which Converts

Creating compelling content which drives conversions is similar to the approach many first-time entrepreneurs take when it comes to creating a new product. The “Lean” approach, advocated by many since Eric Ries came out with his bestseller The Lean Startup, whereby innovators go through a constant loop of building, measuring and improving on what they started out with. It is the same with content.

For the last few years the emphasis put on content has been increasing, and for brands to generate more revenue from it the approach taken must be similar to web entrepreneurs for marketing professionals to get more of ROI from it.

1. Content and Curation are an essential mix. A discussion on Twitter hosted by Kout (#KloutChat) highlighted the importance of curated content. Most social media marketers would also advise a balance, usually 1:1 – one piece of original content for every piece of curated (content you have pulled from the wider web to feed through your social media channels) content. This way you add balance to your voice, whilst ensuring everything you are sharing is an extension of your brand and the curated content fits in with the original content you are creating.

2. Quality and consistency are key. Don’t try and be “timely” or break any “news.” Leave that to the media. Nor should you try and “weigh in” on media stories unless you have a unique insight, because the effort expended trying to find and write an angle could be better spent creating evergreen content. This means, articles, blogs and white papers which will still be useful and relevant in six weeks, not just six hours. Providing this is of high quality, and you do this consistently, then you should see a steady increase in the click through and conversion rates from your content.

3. Write by Numbers. When I was a kid I once painted using a canvas which had numbers which showed where and what color I needed to apply in order to make a dog come to life in oil paints. When I was at school the grades I got determined how much effort I put into the next essay or exam. When writing content we have to use a similar number based system to determine how we improve, enhance and develop our next collection of content. Don’t aim to be “viral.” That will either happen or it won’t. Aim to be interesting, relevant, and steadily move the metrics upwards, so that content is generating more conversions, thereby delivering a greater ROI every time.

Once you have got the basics down keep varying, tweaking and making ongoing improvements in order to get more from your content marketing.

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