How Social Data for Nonprofits Increases Conversions

Most nonprofits are sitting on a wealth of social data about their supporters and donors. So why have personal donations dropped from 83% of nonprofit earnings down to 72% in the last twenty years?

Could it be that despite unprecedented connectivity and “big data”, most nonprofits aren’t sure how they can unlock the value of this social data goldmine?

Get To Know The True Value Of Your Social Data

Buried in your CRM, are your best citizen influencers, advocates, and thousands who are talking about your programs/campaigns on social networks right now!  The problem is trying to find these people.

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When nonprofits combine social listening insights with CRM history, they are able to see how their supporters, donors, and activists are talking about their issues AND send messages while they are doing so. This is what we mean by “social marketing automation” – it’s about combining social with CRM history so you can send real time, personalized and automated messages.

Unlocking the power of your social data can result in an increase in donations, like the American Friends Service Committee received after they hosted a Google Hangout with record high attendance about their work in Ferguson, MO.

ferguson 1

Tailoring the Message

Personalized content can dramatically increase email conversions because you’re sending a message at the time your supporters are talking about your initiatives. In order for a nonprofit to achieve that, they first need to segment and filter audience by key terms. Start by finding those who have recently talked about your campaign terms like this:

Contacts used Term Ferg

Then, send them a rapid response message with an ask that’s tied to the term. In the example below, The American Friends Service Committee , invited anyone who used the term “Mike Brown”, “Ferguson” or “Police” to a live Google Hangout and had a record turnout because it was top of mind.


When you combine email with social, your world of outreach increases exponentially. This is especially true when it’s critical to automate rapid responses for time sensitive messages. What would you do if you knew your activists and donors were talking about your key issues right now? What calls of action would you send if they mentioned your campaign?

It’s all about how nonprofits can make social data more actionable. It’s an exciting time because most nonprofits are sitting on a gold mine of useful donor data, but most aren’t leveraging it to incorporate social data. Never before have we had so much access to donor data, to understand and influence what they care about, or encourage them to take action. Nonprofits have never had it so good is a social marketing automation and listening platform for nonprofits. We help nonprofits predict how their supporters will behave – even what they might take action on – from social data. It has been used by over 100 organizations to improve thousands of email marketing and social media campaigns.

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