How health org’s can use social media for rapid response marketing

While ebola is trending news globally, the real question for organizations working on health related issues is if ebola related terms are trending in their database? If you’re a health organization, now is the time to find out if these terms are trending with your people.

trending terms

What do you do when your issue is in the spotlight?
Let’s take Ebola as an example. The term is trending globally … it’s been the front page issue just about everywhere – TV, radio, newspapers and all over the internet.

You now have an entirely new tool at your disposal – social data – so not only see what terms YOUR people are taking about but what content will resonate with them. This is not the same as the social media you may be thinking of. We’re talking about “big data” that’s available for literally 1 cent per supporter. If you have an email file, or twitter followers, then you have access to social data. Here are a few steps that health organizations should use to get the most out of marketing based on social data:

Step 1: Find out who in your membership is talking about your terms (ebola).

Who is talking about eboloa?

Step 2 – Identify and engage your influencers who can help you share your content

High Klout

Step 3 – Send calls to action based on search terms
Okay, let’s say you find hundreds/thousands of your people talking about your issue (eloba) on social … right now! What do you say and how can you scale it so you’re not replying to hundreds of individuals one by one?  Here’s an example how to send an automated email through when someone mentions your key terms:

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 6.06.06 PM

Social listening can inform your marketing with trending terms – even if it’s not your issue.

Let’s say “ebola” is the top trending term in your social marketing automation platform (i.e., BUT you don’t work on this issue whatsoever. What you can learn is that it’s top of mind for your supports or customers… so maybe skip on sending that alert about international travel without a mention of this issue. Or, you can use that as a hook to a something you are working on that merits serious consideration …  “If you think ebola is threat, check out our findings about this startling fact”.

If you’re ready to see what the headline news is in your database, just let us know! We’d love to show you how can work for you.

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