Hooking Into the Holidays

Holiday season is upon us, and there is a lot of work to be done. How do you target the right people about the right topics during one the most heavily marketed time of the year? Here’s a breakdown on how to use Automations to make life a whole lot easier.

The aim is to reach out to people thinking about the holidays at the right time. This means targeting them soon after they’ve talked about it so that they’re going to see your correspondence as serendipitously well-timed. And, more importantly, relevant to their interests.

Step 1: Set up holiday-related Watched Terms

Nonprofits: Look for supporters talking about Thanksgiving, a time to give “thanks” for what you have and give to those who have less. Or Christmas, #GivingTuesday, etc.

Businesses: How about Black Friday, #CyberMonday, or New Years Eve? Alternatively, plan ahead for big events like the Superbowl.

Step 2: Automate it


Now that you’ve found your audience, automate messages that will resonate:

Send a personalized Email or DM – Send a message with the right subject and lede while that topic is top-of-mind for dramatically increased click through rates:

  • Businesses: When a customer mentions #CyberMonday, offer her an additional 20% off if she shares your #CyberMonday deal on Twitter.

  • Nonprofits: When a supporter mentions #GivingTuesday, invite her to participate in a Thunderclap driving giving on that day.

Segment your list – What can you learn about your audience based on their behavior on social media? Lots that can help you target them in the future:

  • Businesses: Customers Tweeting about #CyberMonday are deal-seekers — send them coupons and private sales.

  • Nonprofits: Supporters posting about #GivingTuesday are highly engaged advocates — send them shareable content.

Step 3: Never Miss an Engagement Opportunity

By taking 15 minutes now to set up an Automation for each upcoming holiday, you can rest reassured that you won’t be missing out on any opportunity to build buzz and drive traffic to your website. You’ll automatically be driving the right message, at the right time, to the right people — for maximum engagement.