Goodbye 2013: We’re Grateful


It’s now 2014! Some of’s team took a moment to look back on 2013 and what we’ve been grateful for.

Our CEO, Roz Lemieux:

In 2013, I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with the creative and hard-working people of Team Attentively: Adam, Artie, Cheryl, Cindy, Fo, Jordyn, and the dozens of other people who support us in important ways. I’m also deeply appreciative of the freedom afforded to me by a brilliant husband, awesome kid, and always-happy-to-babysit parents-in-law. Attentively could not have had the huge growth it had in 2013 without each of these people going above and beyond. Thank you and Happy New Year!

Our front-end developer, Jordyn Bonds:

In 2013, I’m grateful for 1) my husband Joel, 2) finally figuring out that I have a wheat allergy, 3) getting to do something I love for a living, and 4) all of the people in the world like my sister who do humanitarian relief work in disaster-affected places like the Philippines and Syria.

Our back-end developer, Adam Byer:

I’m grateful for having a healthy family!

Our customer engagement specialist, Fo Chia:

I’m grateful for friends, family, and a great driving instructor who’s helped me avoid running anyone down in my quest to learn how to drive.

Our marketing intern, Kristin Fretz:

I’m grateful for all of the technology advancements our society has made that help people make life a little easier. And even though social media distracts us, I am fascinated by how integrated and connected I can be with anyone at anytime.

And we are, of course, extremely grateful to our customers and supporters who’ve helped us come this far. In 2013,…

  • Integrated with 6 CRMs and rolled out marketing Automations, amongst a ton of other improvements

  • Ran a viral #givingtuesday webinar with our partner, Salsa Lab that hit the Hot on Facebook front page on Slideshare

  • Pitched to major brands including Southwest, Citibank and Beta Brand at the Realtime Marketing Challenge in NYC… and won

  • Saw our CEO featured on Atlanta Business Radio

  • And got in the news a few times, amongst other things.

So, a big thank you and a happy January to all!