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Guest blog by Camira Powell, PR & Social Media Coordinator at Global Fund for Women

At Global Fund for Women, our vision is to live in a world where every woman and girl is strong, safe, powerful, and heard. To achieve this, it’s going to take everyone from every background to join us in the movement for equality.

We created the Gender Equality Advocate program to better engage with our supporters who share our mission. We were inspired by our followers who kept asking how they could “do something” AFTER the launch of our Determined campaign.

Although we already had a strategy in place to engage high-level influencers, we had to think creatively about new ways to cultivate these “everyday” influencers. As a solution, we launched our Advocate (i.e. influencer) program on Giving Tuesday, which was aimed at growing our audience through social media.

We asked Advocates to participate in our #IAmDetermined Selfie Challenge, earning $1 for Global Fund for Women for every selfie shared on Giving Tuesday (thanks to a matching gift from a donor). Advocates receive social media toolkits with drafted messages and images to help raise awareness about our campaigns.

The Result: Giving Tuesday was our most successful day on Twitter which raised over $25,000.

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Finding Our Engaged Advocates

For the initial group of Advocates, we hand-picked individuals that had a high-level of engagement with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Instead of focusing on follower count (which is easy to do), we focused on their commitment to championing rights for women and girls. This is one of the smartest things we’ve done with the program.

For instance, one of our most engaged Advocates (in Southeast Asia) has less than 10,000 followers, but she’s one of our top three contributors on Twitter based on reach and impressions (she’s tweeted us over 300x).

For us, the value of the “everyday” influencers is absolutely priceless.

Our Advocates are our sounding board for new ideas, resources for news about women’s human rights, and a reflection of what our audience looks like today. More importantly, they are what we hope our audience will look like in the future.

Diversity of Messengers

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One of the best aspects of our Gender Equality Advocate program is the diversity of Advocates. We have high school students in the Bay Area, a NGO finance director working in Bangladesh, a writer from Germany, and even an actress in Los Angeles. Those are just a few examples of the many varied and passionate people we call Advocates.

Our best advice to any organization considering cultivating everyday influencers is to do it! 

It does take effort to organize them and the returns may not be evident immediately. However, “everyday” influencers will be some of the most dedicated supporters your organization could ever want. Your everyday influencers represent the everyday people that support your organization, and they’re amazing in their own individual ways.

We encourage every organization to find ways to engage with this level of influence to discover more about their awesome supporters. That’s what we’re doing, and we’ll keep going until we can call everyone a Gender Equality Advocate!

Camira 2Camira Powell, PR & Social Media Coordinator at Global Fund for Women

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, CA., Camira graduated from Stanford University with a dual BA in Communication and French. Camira has been passionate about issues affecting girls and women since discovering what it meant to be a feminist in elementary school. Before joining the Global Fund for Women, Camira was a freelance writer and communications consultant, advising clients on how to express themselves in person and online. Prior to that, Camira worked at Facebook in recruiting, with the Stanford Alumni Association (SAA) Marketing and Creative Services department, and with a multitude of news sites, including KQED’s Pop Culture blog, SFGate, Re/Code, and Mic. When not working, you can find Camira talking about a new podcast at happy hour, attempting to be Ina Garten, or looking for a new show on Netflix.

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